Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love, Looks or money

SWS survey: 51% of Filipinos want someone rich though ugly

Apparently, for most Filipinos, looks don't really matter.

According to the latest survey of the Social Weather Stations, released three days before Valentine's Day, 51% of Filipinos prefer someone who is rich though ugly.

The survey also showed that only 46% of the Filipinos surveyed preferred someone who is good-looking but poor.

The fourth quarter 2010 SWS survey was conducted among 1,200 correspondents across the country from November 27-30 last year.

It has a margin of error of ±3 percent for national percentages, and ±6 percent for area percentages.

Overall, majority of the Filipinos are very happy with their love life, according to the SWS survey released three days before Valentine’s Day.

Filipino men were more likely to choose someone good-looking but poor (52%) for a life partner.

Filipino women, on the other hand, were more inclined to have someone who is rich but ugly (57%), the survey revealed.

While preference among men varies across age groups, the survey noted that preference for a life partner who is rich but ugly is high across all age groups among women.

In Metro Manila (55%) and in other parts of Luzon (55%), more Filipinos prefer a life partner who is rich but ugly.

However, most Mindanao residents (56%) want someone good-looking but poor.

The respondents from Visayas, meanwhile are undecided, with some 50% choosing someone rich but ugly, and 49% choosing someone good-looking but poor.

Among classes, 57% of the middle-to-upper classes ABC and 52% of the masa class D would prefer someone rich but ugly, while 51% of the very poor class E would choose good-looking but poor.

                                                                                      - Taken from GMA news

Sa akin lang this question is one example of conditional love you love a person because he/she is rich or dapat goodlooking. For me true love is unconditional you love a person not because of his/her wealth or goodlooks and that you also accept him/her faults, shortcomings and attitude as well.

Pero kung pagpipiliin ako I would choose goodlooking!! hehehe Why??? First of all if the goodlooking one is not lazy naman and with hardwork and patience, the goodlooking one can get rich. I mean actors are usually goodlooking and they use their goodlooks to gain fame and fortune. And ang kayaman pwede mawala pero ang ganda hindi. And since goodlooking ang partner mo sure pati anak niyo good looking din di ba. But the most important thing din naman is ugali din  kasi gwapo or maganda nga  pero masama ugali, or tamad.


  1. i agree with your opinion 'bout love. and pipiliin ko rin yung good looks lalo na nung nakita ko yung 1st image mo. :)

  2. Ako naman hindi pa din nawawalan ng pag-asa na meronf goodlooking and rich, depende din sa paghahanap mO! hahaha

    Joke lang yun. I actually dont have any standards kung squatter ba siya or panget. Ang impt. sakin attitude. Kumukupas din ang ganda. :)

  3. Ako kahit pangit. ok na sa akin si akihiro sato. chos!

  4. buti pa kayo mga naghahanap...

    ako suko na hehehehe :D

    basta kung sino na lang ang dumating lol....

    (ang layo ng commment eh lol)

  5. hahaha... ako ewan.. wahehhe

  6. nagiging practical na kasi tayong mga Pilipino now.happy valentines po.