Friday, November 30, 2012


Someone took a picture of me while I was working out at the gym. Obvious naman na kinukunan niya ako ng picture, gamit ang phone niya. Kasi  ako lang naman ang nandun, at wala akong katabi o kasama.

Di naman pwede na nagtetext siya kasi meron ba na nagtetext na nakataas ang cellphone.

 Noong tumingin ako sa kanya ay bigla niya binaba ang phone niya at namutla siya and he walked out.

I was upset when he took my picture at di mapakali.

I think people should consider NOT taking pictures without the persons consent

I mean, how would you like a total stranger taking pictures of you at the mall? Would'nt that upset you? Or take pictures at you while you are eating, talking on the phone,or working?

People should really start thinking that its not our right to do whatever we want, anytime and anywhere. Theres limits to everything.

Gusto ko sana siya sundan at pagsabihan, But  I realize that nothing good would come of speaking my mind so I decided not to.

And besides I am utterly terrified of confrontation and I avoid it at all cost

Ayoko rin naman gumawa ng eksena sa gym  na parang Clauinde, Raymart at Tulfo bwahahahaha

After magym sinabi ko sa friend ko na may kumuha ng picture ko sa gym. Tapos sabi niya sa akin na, instead of  getting upset, I should be delighted kasi may admirer na ako.

I guess my  dedication to my training & nutrition has paid of  :) I mean may nagtatangka na kunan ako ng picture na patago.

Ngayon worried lang ako kasi baka panget yung kuha niya ng picture ko, o baka mamaya kulamin niya ako or baka gamitin yung picture ko sa net. :(  hahahahaha.

It would be much better kung babae kumuha ng picture ko, but I don't mind na lalaki or beki, but I'm still  flattered kasi may admirer nga ako. :p

Monday, November 5, 2012


I was the typical skinny boy in the neighborhood.  So I  felt bad  about the way I looked in the mirror.

Whenever I would see a muscular guy walk by,  all the girls would just be staring, that's what I wanted to be. I wanted everyone to stare at me. I wanted them to feel my presence as I walked into a room. 

One day, I decided to go to the gym and give it a try. Then I got a gym membership.

 Now, my new lifestyle journey will begin.

 I have been working out for almost 3 years now.

And once I saw my body change a little, I was amazed in myself.

Because  if you try something and stay consistent with it, you really can accomplish anything

The interest people had in my transformation overwhelmed me. I had people coming to me for advice, direction, and mentorship. My family/friends had noticed the changes on my body, Because I was skinny before.

My life completely changed after my transformation. I have more energy, sleep better, and can also communicate better.

Thanks to the confidence I gained through working out. I am more confident in myself, and now looking for the next challenge and love being a small part in inspiring others to do it as well.

I was surprised that I was  featured on this website:

I would like to thank the owner of the blog Lasherations who also became my friend online.

Parang kalevel ko na yung mga artista at models sa blog na yun hahahahaha