Saturday, March 24, 2012


Everyone wants to look a little better, physically that is.
That's the reason why some  men and women go to the gym

I had been working out for almost 2 years now. And going to the gym is a terrific outlet for stress relief .

After 2 years I noticed  the transformation of my body.

Dati di naman ako mahilig sa mga damit, and I would usually get my older brothers old clothes kasi di nga ako bumibili ng damit ko.   Pero noong napansin ko na may muscles, na ako ay doon na nagstart na maging mahilig ako sa damit and  I would usually choose slim fitted shirts. Siempre gusto ko naman ipakita ang pinaghirapan ko hehehehe kahit naman yung mga gym mates ko sa gym eh  puro slim fitted shirts or sleevless sinusuot nila. And siempre noong buff na ako ay naboost na din ang confidence ko.

Below are some of  my pictures taken from my webcam on my Skype account: (This will prove that my pictures are the real thing, Di kinuha sa internet  hihihihi)

Meron akong isang gym mate and  he looks impressively healthy. He had zero body fat and had massive muscles. At nagtaka ako kung bakit ang tagal ko na siya, di  nakikita sa gym at naisip ko baka lumipat siya ng gym or iba na ang time ng workout niya.

Pero nagulat ako sa sinabi ng trainer ng gym. The reason na di na siya nagwoworkout, ay dahil sa namatay na pala siya at ang cause of  death niya ay heart attack.

I was really shocked because he looks healthy,  physically and I never seen him smoke,  but  he died at a young age of  42. So di ibig sabihin pag masulado ka di ibig sabihin na healthy ka na.

Iniisip ko kung  pupunta ako sa burol niya,  kasi di naman kami close friends at di ko naman kilala ang family and friends  niya. I even don't know his full name. Pero pag nagkikita kami sa labas eh nagbabatian naman kami.

So exercising is not enough to have a healty lifestyle, we should also watch what we eat, avoid smoking, drinking etc. Sleep 8 hours a day etc.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

No Sex

My cousin is kind of frustrated because he doesn't have a sex life, because his wife is already 8 months pregnant.  Di daw siya makontento sa pagmamasturbate lang. Gusto sana niya na iblowjob siya ni Mrs or ihandjob but the problem is, ayaw ni Mrs. ng oral sex or kahit handjob man lang. And she's the kind of woman daw na di adventurous sa sex and she never sucked him kasi nadidiri daw. 

Sabi ng cousin ko parang may times na natutukso siya maghire ng prostitute,  or magkaroon ng fuck buddy (no strings attached kind of  relationship). And I told him thats not a good idea,

Kasi what if his wife finds out and knowing his wife eh, sure makikipaghiwalay yun sa kanya. In short dahil lang sa libog niya, eh baka masira ang happy marriage niya with his wife. At kung  maghihire siya ng pokpok baka makakuha siya ng STD or worst AIDS.

Close friend ko din ang wife niya kasi sa lahat ng mga asawa ng cousins ko siya ang pinakaclose ko. And I love them both

My cousin is kind of horny talaga, coz he has a lot  of porn collection and  he even collects    FHM, Maxim, Rogue magazines and I usually borrow from him LOL!

So ang suggestions ko sa kanya ay  bumili na lang siya ng isang sex toy like yung Fleshlight.

Sabi ko sa kanya na  pareho sila ng problema ng creator ng Fleshlight na si "Steven Shubin".

 Because  at that time Steve Shubin’s wife was pregnant with twins but she was already  40 years old . And his wife had  already suffered from two miscarriages. So, the obstetrician issued a ‘No sex’ , till the birth of the twins. In order to find a substitute for real intercourse, Shubin got the inspiration to create a sex toy that offered users a realistic body sculpture and replicated the feeling of vaginal sex. And with Steven's invention he became really rich with his invention and Fleshlight became the most famous sex toys for men and gaymen as well.

Since I 'm good at researching , I gave him this 2  local sex shop websites:

And after a week nakabili na rin ang loko ng fleshlight  and he was really satisfied daw. He would usually use Cetaphil or KY Jelly as lubricant for his toy. At ang ginagawa niya  daw usually ay kinakantot niya yung toy at kinikiss niya ang wife niya. At may times na sumasakit daw ang panga ni wife sa katatawa sa ginagawa niya. 

I think the sex toy solved his problem with his wife. I don't see nothing wrong about sex toys coz these toys can help us to prevent of having multiple sex partners, premarital sex and it can also  enhance a couples sex life.

And Couples that use sex toys alone  tend to have a strong level of open communication, trust and unconditional love for their partners. Sex toys allow men and women to tap into creative sex and there is such beauty in allowing ourselves and/or partner to enjoy the pleasures they bring.

For me, using sex toys doesn't "say" anything about the kind of person you are, other than the fact that you're the kind of person who feels worthy of sexual pleasure