Friday, July 29, 2011


Since marami sa mga bloggers na may twitter na. I'm thinking of joining na din sa twitter world.


Sana may magwelcome sa akin sa Twitter world, like this picture. Although, I still have a lot of things to learn pa sa Twitter. Kasi di pa ako marunong gumamit.

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

FHM sexiest woman

Too bad I wasn't able to watch the FHM victory party last July 14, 2011 at the World Trade Center,  in Pasay City. Sam Pinto was declared the winner for this year.

Damn! Pinalabas pala sa PLDT watch pad!! Di ko pa kasi nainstall ang watch pad sa computer,. Sayang.

Speaking of the list of sexiest women. I'll make a  list of  3 actresses that I really like and admire


Marian is no doubt the primetime queen of GMA 7. With top ratings shows like Marimar, Dyesebel, Darna and now Amaya. I'm really hooked sa Amaya coz its something new sa Philippine  television, kasi ang Filipino soap puro sampalan, sigawan, tarayan ng lines, kidnapan, namatay pero buhay pa pala etc. Amaya kasi is a historical soap and marami ka matutunan about our ancestors. Marian is really a  beautiful woman at di ako nagsasawa sa kagandahan niya.


I first saw Solenn sa Survivor Philippines Celebrity edition. And she's a good sport. Di siya maarte kahit mayaman siya. And because of that I admired her  down to earth personality . Solenn is not only a model but also a painter. So very talented talaga siya.


Angel Locsin for me is the sexiest Darna. No wonder Angel,  won the FHM sexiest woman title twice. Too bad she gained a lot of weight. Sana magdiet siya para bumalik ang sexy na katawan.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Underwear bastos nga ba?

Philippine Rugby Team Billboard Removed

The “Men In Briefs” Bench billboard of the Philippine Rugby Team, more popularly known as Philippine Volcanoes, along Guadalupe has been removed. Reports said the advertiser acceded to the request of Mandaluyong city mayor Benhur Abalos for the removal of the sexy underwear ad.

Angel Locsin and Anne Curtis Billboard Photos Removed by MMDA

The Metro Manila Development Authority  ordered the tarpaulins of actresses Angel Locsin and Anne Curtis pulled out for lack of permit, violating the National Building Code and for being offensive.

A MMDA press statement said the tarpaulins on Boni-EDSA showed the 2 actresses both clad in bras.

Superman drops his shorts

For the first time in 73 years the Man of Steel has dropped the red briefs he has worn since 1938, when the first Superman comic was published. In the upcoming issues of Superman, he will not be wearing his classical fire-engine-red underwear.

We want to introduce a kind of take on Superman that’s going to be so different that no one can expect what might happen next. One of the things we’re going to do in this book is also to show you how Superman is, who he is, why he ended up wearing the costume that he wears,” said DC Comics writer Grant Morrison.

Wonder Woman Finally Gets a Pair of Pants

Holy shit. Wonder Woman finally owns a pair of pants.

And not just any old pair of pants, but crimefighting pants. (Leggings, technically, with motorcycle boots attached). After 69 years, Wonder Woman's getting a sartorial makeover

New Look for Supergirl

The cover image for "Supergirl #1", which they claim will be written by Michael Green and Mike Johnson, shows a very different Supergirl design, with a sharper "S" design to Superman's, higher boots and new cape clasping.

 The New Justice League

 It seems DC has jumped on the opportunity to erase something that had been plaguing it’s main characters for decades, the underwear outside the pants look. Especially for Batman and Superman

X-men's change of costume 

Even the male X-men members briefs were removed, especially for Cyclops and Wolverine

Grabe talaga! After the issue with the sexy billboards,  Pati sa comics pinagiinitan din ang Briefs at Panties ng Superheroes!!

For me, I don't find the billboards of the Phil Rugby team bastos, ganun din sa billboard ni Angel Locsin and Anne Curtis. 

Sa dami dami ng problema sa Pilipinas like corruption example  mga kotong cops, pornography in pirated dvds and cds , etc.  and of course poverty 

Tapos ang mga sexy billboard pa pinagiinitan ng mga politiko. Tsk tsk tsk 

And whats the problem with Angel and Anne wearing bra's?? eh sa noontime shows nga natin, mga female dancers nakatwo piece din. At napapanood pa ng mga bata, kasi tanghali pinapalabas or early evening sa show ni Willie sa TV5.

At sa comics naman, they removed the superheroes underwear, maybe because it is not applicable daw ngayon. At nagmumukhang katawa tawa ang superheroes kasi sinusuot ang underwear sa labas ng pants.

But personally I still want to see Superman on his briefs and Wonder Woman in her star spangeled panties. It's funny they gave Wonder Woman pants,  but let Supergirl wear  red panties,( because before she wore a skirt, na minsan nasisilipan at nakikita ang panty niya hehehehe). Siguro pinahiram ni Superman ang red brief niya sa cousin niyang si  Supergirl. LOL!

Old costumes:

I  still want these superheroes  in their old costumes, kasi nakasanayan ko na sila tingnan ng ganun and its SEXY pa naman.  ( I find it really sexy kasi may underwear fetish pa naman ako joke!)

Buti pa ang local super heroine natin na si Darna na never pinaginitan ang  kanyang sexy two piece costume. Does it mean na masconservative pa ang mga kano sa atin hehehehe!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus and SEX

Men and Women are TOTALLY different.
Men and Women THINK differently
Men and Women SPEAK differently
Men and Women DECIDE differently

Sometimes,  I ask myself,

“What is it that women really want?”
“Did God played a trick on mankind by making men and women so different from each other?”

Men's libidos are of course, stronger than women. Men think more about sex at least once a day unlike women. 
One of the reasons why women are not as horny as men, maybe because of their influence from social and cultural factors.

Kasi it's really a double standard thing when it comes to sex. When a guy had sex with several women, His macho. But when a woman had sex with several men, then she's a slut.

I came across this book and I found it very interesting, It's written by Leil Lowndes. This book gives men,   tips on how to understand women and of course on how to score LOL!

You can download the book here: Just download the notepad and copy the link  then paste it on your browser.

P.S. Magshashare din ako ng video which is applicable to all men. Here is the synopsis

The Lovers Guide series, written and introduced by Dr Andrew Stanway, remains the first and best adult guide, revealing interesting, informative, authentic and entertaining aspects of love and sex in intimate relationships. Men often think that orgasms are the simple climax of sex. Better orgasms for men shows how orgasms can be improved with techniques for greater control and testing that will make you a better lover. It explores how to increase the intensity of your orgasms, get your partner involved, develop your fantasies, use sex toys together, and enhance the whole quality of your love-life. Topics Include: The sexual urge, orgasms and puberty, achieving greater control, increasing the intensity of your orgasm, how your partner can help with your orgasm, orgasmic control, simultaneous orgasms, instant orgasms, orgasms and fantasy, orgasms, orgasms and sex toys, tantric sex. 

Download it here:

Saturday, July 2, 2011


I'm a big fan of boybands like Westlife, Boyzone and Take That. And some of these boybands had made a comeback like Westlife, Take That, Backstreet Boys and Boyzone.

Maybe  the reason for their comeback  is that,  nawala na sa uso ang boybands sa panahon ngayon unlike before.

And may napansin ko, na something in common sa  karamihan ng mga boy bands,  which is may isang member lagi na gay or bisexual.

Here are the list of examples:

1) Boyzone
Stephen Gately (RIP) March 17, 1976 - October 10, 2009 (Gay)

2) N Synch

Lance Bass (Gay)

3) Westlife

Mark Feehily (Gay)
4) Blue

Duncan James (Bisexual)

5) Caught up in the act
Eloy de Jong (Gay)

6) Wham!

George Michael (Gay)

7) Menudo

Ricky Martin (Bisexual)

8) New Kids on the Block
Jonathan Knight

Speaking of Ricky Martin, I'm also his fan. and I love his songs. In March 29, 2010, Ricky admitted that he is a homosexual man. Kahit umamin si Ricky, I'm still his fan and it didn't change anything. I mean whats important is the talent and not the singers sexual preference. In fact marami namang gay/bisexual singers like Sir Elton John, Adam Lambert, David Bowie (bisexual), Madonna (bisexual), Lady Gaga (bisexual) etc. Unlike sa atin na maraming nachichika na bading na singers like Eric Santos, Piolo Pascual, Jed Madela etc. pero none of them admited na gay sila except for Aiza Seguerra.

Right now, I'm reading Ricky Martin's official biography titled ME,. And I really enjoyed reading the book and I admire Ricky more as a person. What's good about the book, is that he is the author, and he shares  to us his experiences in his life. The thing that disappointed is that he didn't mention any names. Maybe the reason is,  to protect the identity of that person. And wala masyadong pictures sa book.

I have to disagree that Ricky is gay, Because he is more bisexual coz he had relationships with both men and women and had sex with both genders. I also learned that Ricky's nickname is "KiKi" pero kung  sa tagalog na meaning eh  magiging bastos bwahahahaha. Hmm before Ricky likes Kiki pero now he wants a

I want to share his book sa inyo and you can download it here: (Just download the notepad file  and copy the link on your browser)

I changed the title para di ako macopyright at  pagnadownload niyo na siya, the  password is my first name milch (no caps, all in small letters).