Saturday, September 24, 2011



1)      I’m still a child at heart. I still watch cartoons and anime

2)      I’m a wannabee  chef,  because I love to cook

3)      I had 5 girlfriends

4)      I’m  stingy

5)      I like to sleep in a cold room with lots of pillows

6)      I am teaching myself Spanish and Japanese

7)      I’m a sucker for foreign films and dramas  especially  Japanese, Korean and Mexican.

8)      I don’t smoke or drink beer and I’ve never been drunk or had a hangover

9)      I like to play video games

10)    I can’t whistle

11)   When I was younger, I was shy

12)   I can get very emotional when I get a gift, especially if it is expensive

13)   I won a best actor award in a school play

14)   If  I don’t have any Internet at home; it’d drive me crazy

15)   I’m a gym rat, If  I don’t  go to the gym,  I  feel fat or lazy

16)   I joined the Mossimo Bikini Open contest before

17)   I get excited about the simplest things, To be honest I’m sort of child-like in mindset, but it makes life so much more enjoyable

18)   History is my favorite subject in school and I hated Math

19)   I am  friendly but very much an introvert too. I love spending time alone.

20)   I have a tattoo

21)   I get bored watching sports like basketball, tennis, football etc

22)  I can get along with almost anyone

23)   The noise that I hate the most  is a phone ringing

24)   I don’t eat seafoods except fish

25)    My mind never seems to stop; consequently I can never sleep

26)    I can listen to same song non-stop in loop for days and still enjoy it

27)    I like making people smile

28)   I hate to suffocate my feet inside shoes, so you will often see me roaming around wearing slippers

29)   I stay up too late almost every night and regret it every morning

30)   People also say I have a very good memory.

Sa 30 random things about me, meron ditong 5 sa list na di totoo. Ang makakahula ng 5 lies sa list ng tama eh makakakuha ng reward from me.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Why oh Why

I realized that love was painful that night by your side
Because I know you better than anyone else
Your everyday kindness
Makes my heart ache

Just like this, I look at you from up close
But why, why are we only just friends?
No matter how strong my feelings are
I can’t convey it to you
You don’t understand
I’m so in love with you

It was a dull night the moment you said it
The tears that reached the tip of my neck were the reason I couldn’t sleep.
Right now I’m always lying to my most precious person

Everyday, everyday my heart aches
I’ve gone through so many, many sleepless nights
Ever since the first day we met by chance
If only we could return to that time
I’m so in love with you

It’d be nice to confess and love you
Is it impossible to go back to our smiling faces?
Although remaining as friends and not confessing might be better than love
Because I’m not able to do it anyway

Truly, truly I’ve always loved you
I always, always want to continue loving you
I want to send these feelings to you
I whisper them to the blue sky
I’m so in love with you

Friday, September 9, 2011



I just finished watching a Japanese Drama titled "SMILE"

The story is about a half-Filipino half Japanese named Vito,  whose father has died and his  mother has disappeared. Despite his misfortune and the issues he deals with, such as race, he lives his life positively with a constant smile.

As a Filipino myself, I am really curious on how my nationality will be depicted in this Japanese Drama

The soap stars Japan’s most popular actor Jun Matsumoto.  And  Jun is suitably darkened up to be a half-Filipino

I really love the story because it  deals with social issues and problems

Vito had a dark past at nagbagong buhay siya. At marami  siyang  pinagdaanan  na kamalasan sa buhay niya, pero  nalagpasan niya lahat eto  at lagi siyang may positive attitude in life.

I can really relate to Vito’s character. Because I did felt discrimination before because of my skin color. 

Maputi kasi ako at medyo may pagkamestizo and I went to a public school in my elementary years

Kasi medyo hirap ang parents ko financially at that time. And I was bullied in that school. I didn’t have friends. And everytime I got to school they would hide my pencil case and my notebooks. At yung notebooks ko ay sinusulatan din nila at pinunit. I didn’t feel welcome at all sa school.

Yung mga classmates ko even teased me na ampon lang daw ako at anak daw ako ng Amerikano. At napulot lang daw ako sa tae ng kalabaw ng magulang ko. Siempre sa murang edad eh nasasaktan ako sa sinasabi nila at siempre,  di naman totoo na ampon ako. But honestly, nahurt talaga ako sa mga tukso nila sa akin. At narealize ko na di lang pala mga negro or mga  maiitm ang tinutukso,  pati mga mapuputi rin.

 But when I reached Grade 5,  nalipat na rin ako finally,  sa isang private school. And medyo loner pa rin ako dahil nga sa mga naranasan ko noong  nasa public school ako. And I didn't trust anyone. Because my classmates before sa public school made fun of me.

At least this time din na ako  nakaranas ng pampabully or tukso sa mga classmates ko. And I was also a  teachers pet kasi tahimik ako masyado  hehehehe. But in my highschool days that’s the time na nagkaroon na rin ako ng confidence and I already had made some friends.

 If there is one thing that  I really hate, it's got to be discrimination,  whether its race, sexual preference or social status. Because we are  all equal in the eyes of our creator. 

Speaking of  half-Filipino and half-Japanese there is one actor sa Japan who is a half Pinoy and half Japanese. And his name is Hayami Mokomichi

If you want to watch Smile, you can watch it here:

or download it here: