Saturday, August 16, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

It's my birthday today and I thank God for another year

I have reached a time when, I understand and realize that I need to accept some simple facts of life.

Like the number of people who remembers the day I was born, are pretty few and far between – ever…

But I guess there is always some little things that one is a little upset about.. Like the number of friends who greeted me on my birthday  have decreased and I am like a little dissapointed about that.

May mga taong di ko ineexpect na binati ako sa birthday ko at meron ding tao na ineexpect ko na bumati pero di ako binati

Oh well! :(

 I think, I shouldn't ask for more,  since I am already,  really fortunate and loved by my friends and family .:)

 So, for those who are unhappy about their number  of friends that wished them happy birthday, try to think of something positive, like those who have wished you, happy birthday through sms or other ways. even if it is just one, it still shows that someone does care:)

I heard that you're wish comes true when you blow out the candles; Though I never believed that shit.

Monday, August 4, 2014


Gusto ko lang ishare yung pasalubong sa akin ng isang friend, galing Japan. Eto ata ang isang regalo na memorable kasi naiiba siya at naughty.

Flan siya na parang ginawang boobs ng babae. Tuwang tuwa naman ako at parang gusto ko gayahin, kasi marunong rin naman ako magluto ng leche flan hahaha

If ever ibebenta ko siya baka marami magreact lalo na mga moralista at pari hahahaha

Masarap naman yung flan at di siya gaano katamis compare mo sa pinoy flan