Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Miraclous Stairs

A mystery of over 130 years and attracting around 250 thousand visitors every year.

Point of attention:

Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

What makes this chapel different from all the others, is that the subject of the supposed miracle that took place is its, staircase

A chapel was constructed in 1898. When it was ready, the nuns found that there was no staircase built to take them to the choir loft 22 feet above

Carpenters called in for advice said there was no way to build a staircase in the small place

The nuns spent 9 days praying to Saint Joseph, who was a carpenter, for a solution

On the 9th day of the novena, a stranger knocked at their door and said that he was a carpenter who could help them build the staircase.

He constructed the staircase,  all by himself, which was considered to be the pride of carpentery.

None knew how the staircase could stand by itself as it had two 360 degree turns and did not have a central support

Then the carpenter, who did not use a single nail or glue to construct this staircase, disappeared without even waiting for his payment.

There was a rumour in the city of Santa Fe, that the carpenter was St. Joseph himself, sent by Jesus Christ to attend the nuns problem, Since then, the staircase was known to be called "miraculous" and turned out to be the site for pilgrimage.

There are 3 mysteries in this case, says the spokesman of the chapel:

1) The identity of this man is not known

2) All the architects, engineers and scientists say that they cannot understand how this staircase can balance without any central support

3) Where did the wood come from? They have checked and found that the type of wood used to build the staircase does not exist in the entire region

There is another detail that has just increased the belief in the supposed miracle: The staircase has 33 steps the age of Jesus Christ