Friday, May 20, 2011

End of the World???


Being an ancient hippie I was rather concerned about Friday, May 13, 2011. Not just because it was Friday the Thirteenth but because there was a planetary alignment predicted by the song Aquarius in the musical Hair.

Jupiter was aligned with Mars, but apparently the Moon was not in the Seventh House so nothing changed.

Things will be different a week later. Sunday, May 22, 2011 is going to be a very bad day for people who are not good Christians, because at 6pm on Saturday, May 21, the Rapture is going to happen.

This is when all good souls will be taken to Heaven, leaving the sinners and apostates behind. It could even be worse, as some are saying that all the people who have ever died will come back to wander the Earth. It will be the long-predicted Zombie Apocalypse.

"And how do I know this?" you ask, as even non-Christians might be aware of Jesus telling his followers that nobody would be able to predict when he would return.

We owe the warning to US radio and television evangelist Harold Camping, who has exhaustively researched the Bible to obtain the exact date of the end of everything. I will briefly explain the reasoning.

First, Noah's flood happened in 4990BC, a fact known to all historians, geologists and people with good imaginations. We also know from Genesis 7:10-11 that the flood started on the 17th day of the second month. You might wonder what that has to do with the 21st day of the fifth month but bear with me, it will all become clear.

Moving right along, in Peter 3:8 we read that, to God, a day is a thousand years and a thousand years is a day. Going back to Genesis 7:4, God mentions seven days, which obviously really means seven thousand years. Are you still with me?

If you add seven thousand years to 4990BC and take off one because there was no year zero you get - wait for it - 2011. That's this year!

But where does May 21 come from? Apparently there is a Biblical calendar which counts things differently from secular calendars based on things like the lengths of days and years, making May 21 the anniversary of the day that the ark's doors were locked and the rains started coming down. I don't know where the 6PM came from, but apparently it will happen at that local time everywhere, like a world-spanning Mexican Wave.

"But I'm not worried", I hear you say. "I'm a non-believer and I know how to deal with zombies" you say. Well, don't get too complacent, because Noah's flood lasted 150 days and that gives us another date to worry about. Add 150 days to May 21 and you get October 21, the date on which the entire Earth will be destroyed by fire.

And you were worried about the Mayan calendar running out of days in December 2012? You must be an optimist.
                                                                                By Australian Skeptics 
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Hmmm ganyan din sabi nila noon noong year 2000 na mageend na ang mundo. Pero di nangyari. If ever that day comes ready naman ako,  and I'm not afraid of dying. In fact may insurance na ako if ever I die someday LOL! Pero in this case walang silbe kasi lahat tayo mamatay

Of course siempre sana di magend ang mundo bukas. And I believe that only God knows when the earth will end. 

 And sa tingin ko di ang Diyos ang mageend ng mundo kundi tao dahil sa mga weapons of mass destruction, hatred and war na gawa ng tao. Kaya may maraming religions para masave tayo sa apocalypse

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I have been feeling more and more depressed recently, but I don't know why. It just seems ... sad.

Sometimes I just want to  cry, for no particular reasons

No one seems to notice this though. There's no financial or family problem and I don't really see anything wrong with my life right now

So I took this test

I  was pleased with the results that I got a score of  14 which means I don't need medical help for now

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Random jokes

sabi ni Alling Dionesia kay Hayden:

"Piste ka haydin, nagkanta pa naman ako sa imo, bo-ong poso kong inalay sa imo uy!, iyong kanta ni manny na, ang puking ito ay para sa iyo, you know!

"Manyak ka talaga haydin uy, pagkahuman nimong kinain-kain ang akung dila-dilaan pa nimo uy!yawa ka haydin! binelhan pa naman kita nang maraming kundum sa iba nimo lang pala ginagamit iyun uy!..iba-iba pa gani ang kulor ng kundum, pero pari-pariho ang size uy, extra small, shrink to pit pa, "MANYAK".


Female Cousin: What is incest? 
Male Cousin: SHUT UP!! Just keep on sucking!

MOM: Your son is masturbating again!! Better talk to him

DAD: Son don’t you know you will go blind doing that?
SON: Dad! Im over here

BF: Honey tingan mo yung girl oh! siya yung ex girlfriend ko

GF: Ewww girlfriend mo yan dati. Ang panget niya ha!

BF: Yun ang weakness ko eh

Pantyline Call

Hello!! Pwede bra pukibaba ang titipono kasi kanina pa kayo diyan nagkukuwentutan

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Magregreet na ako in advance para sa Mother's day bukas.

I have to admit I am a Mama's boy and I'm close to my mom than my dad. Close din naman ako sa dad ko pero masnagkwekwento ako sa mom ko at mashinihingan ko siya ng advice. Based sa isang survey maraming guys na naghahanap na na mapapangasawa nila ay medyo similar sa nanay nila. Pero in my case, di pa nangyari coz my ex girlfriends are different from my mom.

What's the difference between a mother and a father. For example bigyan mo ng  pera ang isang tatay at nanay. Ano gagawin ng  tatay ? Siya ay pupunta  sa barkada niya at iinom ng alcoholic drinks. Ang nanay naman ay aayain niya ang mga anak niya na kumain sa labas. Although aminin natin na may ibang nanay din na instead of going out with her children bibili siya ng damit, alahas etc pero bihira ang ganun. Pero sa case naman ng tatay maraming ganun pagnagkapera direcho sa inuman. Kasi based on experience maraming ganyang tatay at nanay sa totoo lang.

I would like to greet all the mothers a HAPPY MOTHER's DAY and also the mothers of my readers and co bloggers.