Saturday, January 29, 2011

All about women

Question: Paano mo malalaman pag lalaki or babae ang manok

Answer: Lalake- TITImbangin

Babae- KIKIluhin

Lady in a sexshop

LADY: Ddddooo yyyouuu sell  vibratorsssss!!

CLERK: Yes Ma’am

LADY: The big blackkkk onnesss???

CLERK: Yes and why?

LADY: Hhhowwww doooo youuu turnnnn it off????


3 daughters to dad

Girl1: I’m going out with Pete to eat

Girl2: I’m going out with Lance to dance

Girl3: I’m going out with Chuck to …..

Dad: Sorry, your staying home


At the hotel a handsome man accidentally hits a girl’s breasts

HANDSOME MAN: If your heart is as soft as your breasts you’ll forgive me

HORNY GIRL:  Hmm if your dick is hard as your elbow, I’m on room 69!!


CONTEST: Palakihan ng pekpek

CHINA:  pinasok telepono

THAILAND: pinasok TV

USA: pinasok upuan

PHILIPPINES: pinasok piso!! At biglang tumogtog ang jukebox


What is the difference between a GOOD girl and a BAD girl?

GOOD GIRL: A good girl goes to party , goes home then goes to bed

BAD GIRL: A bad girl goes to a party, goes to bed then goes home

Where do most women have curly and black hair?
ANS: Not there!! You dirty mind but in Africa


Lady in a diner  sees the cook flattening a burger patty with his armpit

LADY: “That’s the most disgusting thing I have ever seen!!”

WAITER: “you should be here in the morning and see how we make doughnuts.

WOMAN TO DOCTOR:Thank you for making me a virgin again for my wedding. No blood no pain and it didn’t cost me much. How did you do it?

DOCTOR: I tied your pubic hair together

How can you tell when a woman is not wearing panties?

A: By the dandruff on her shoes


What comes out in FAT breasts?  BUTTERMILK
Skinny breasts?  SKIMMED MILK
Black woman’s breasts? CHOCO MILK
What about a old woman’s breasts? YOGURT


  1. hahahahahaha.. niceeeeeeeee.. hahahahhaha

  2. hahaha and your back parekoy ,,, ang tagal mong nawala ah...

  3. @kikomaxx magpopost naman ako next time about men

    oo nga eh naging superbusy this past week

  4. Nice, ung joke na palakihan ng pekpek. madami din akong baon nun sa patagisan ng iba-ibang lahi and laging Pinas ang panalo! wahahaha

  5. nice nice! sobra akong natawa dun sa vibrator. sige aantayin ko yung post mo tungkol naman sa lalake. sinong kinakarir mo hard at nami-miss ka na namin dito? uyyyy!

  6. na-curious ako kung panu ginagawa yung donut. ahaha. ako at ang marumi kong pag-iisip :)