Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Dreamed a Dream

I Dreamed a Dream, not the song or not Susan Boyle hehehe.Grabe yung panaginip ko last night, nanaginip ako na I'm making out with someone passionately. Pero the problem is di ko maalala or di ko alam kung guy ba siya or girl or yung mga crush kung bloggers.

Since nakapanaginip about kissing eh nagkainterest ako na magsearch sa dictionary about dreams
 at eto nahanap ko:

Physical: You are focusing on bonding, sharing and making connections
with others, especially in intimate relationships, You want to be more sexual.

Emotional: You need affection, approval and appreciation, romance love, intimacy and passion. Watching others kiss means you are participating in others lives too closely or are focusing on infidelity, jealousy or voyeurism. You feel betrayed rejected or are detaching from something.

Mental Spiritual: you are opening your heart, finding similarities between
yourself and to others and learning to experience communion.

Tama yung nakasulat sa dictionary.... And I  100% agree

Anyway you can download the dictionary of dreams here:


  1. saktong sakto sayo ah... :D

    happy valentines :)

  2. Sino kaya yung mga pinagnanasaang bloggers hmmm *chismoso*.....

  3. Nanaginip din ako ng ganun.. hindi ko na maalala ang eksena. many times na. LOL

  4. hahaha kaya pala parang mga bold movies dreams ko.. wahehehe joke lang...

  5. makikitsismis din ako...sino kaya ung mga crushes mo??? ahihihi

  6. weird. i also had a dream na i'm making out with someone. sakto yung post mo. aheheh :) very informative.

  7. @eg G
    oo nga noh malapit na valentines

    hehehehe secret kung sino sila

    hindi lang pala ako nagiisa hehehehe

    baka lagi ka nanood ng x or r rated movies kaya ganun eksena hehehehe

    ako din agree na agree

    secret hehehehe

    yup and pwede mo idownload yung buong dictionary of dreams

  8. sino nga kaya yung mga bloggers na crush mO! abangan sa next post! hahaha :)

    happy monday hard2get!

  9. dapat natulog ka ulit, then when sulat ka paggising u, then tulog ulit, tpos sulat ulit.. hehehehe

    happy monday rin!

  10. @mr.chan
    wala atang masaya sa monday hehehehe ang masaya saturdays hehehehe

    di na pwede matulog eh kasi papasok na sa work sana next time matandaan ko yung identity niya hehehe