Sunday, October 28, 2012


I dreamed one of my teeth felt loose and I wiggled it and it fell out of my mouth. Then I felt the rest of my teeth and they all started to break off and fall out of my mouth.

I woke up very scared , kasi sabi ng mga matatanda na pagnanaginip ka ng ganito ay may mamatay sa pamilya.

And it did, After a few months my cousin passed away this year. Biglaan ang pagkamatay niya, She was only 39 years old.

My mom also had a similar dream before like,  she lost all her teeth. And after her dream her mom, my lola passed away.

I don't think its a coincidence, kasi may namatay talaga.

I did some research regarding my dream (losing teeth)

Falling Teeth:

As bizarre as this dream may be don’t be alarmed because it’s quite common.  Falling teeth points to all of our worries and anxieties that surround us in life and not being in control.  If you are under a lot of pressure and is worried about the outcome its possible this dream may appear.  Below are some hints on why your teeth are just falling out of your month.

* Stressed about your job situation.
* Fear of being impotent
* Afraid looking stupid in front of people
* Stress about looking older/trying to stay young
* Have you lied to somebody
* Lacking power at work or relationship


I have to disagree with this article. Kasi di naman ako stressed, impotent, lying etc.

And now I realize, Why do I keep dreaming about death? What do I have to be worried about?

Ever since I was a child, I always dream of death.

I can still remember my dreams because I used to have a diary when I was younger.

My first dream about death  was when i was 15 years old.

I dreamed that I was inside the coffin

When I turned 21, I  saw my own tomb stone and it says that I  died at the age of 33.

Then when I turned 28, I dreamed about my dead relatives at gusto nila na sumama na ako sa kanila.

Malapit na ako mag 33 regarding age, At medyo natatakot ako, at umaasa na sana di magiging totoo ang panaginip ko. Of course sino naman gusto mamatay at a young age.

Come to think of it, US President Abraham Lincoln, dreamed of his  own death and it really happened.

Oh well, Ang diyos lang ang nakakaalam kung kelan tayo papanaw sa mundo na eto.

And if my dream comes true, that  I will die at the age of 33. 

Then my last request is to be buried  upside down, so that everyone can kiss my ass. (Just kidding!!)

Actually, I already have a life insurance hehehehehe. At sabi ko sa pamilya ko  na gusto ko ng cremation at kung pwede wala na sanang lamay pa.  

At least kung mamatay man ako ay handa ako  dahil wala akong kaaway or natapakan na tao at naging mabuti naman akong tao.

P.S. Seriouso ako,  di ako nagbibiro!!


Friday, October 26, 2012

Blog Anniversary

 Wow! Today I am celebrating the anniversary of my Blog. And I'm happy to share this celebration with all of  you, my readers.

 I never thought that blogging could be that fun and exciting. Because this is where I can express my thoughts, ideas and  my experiences.

Today i would like to thank each one of you who have read my posts, and made some time out of their busy lives to give your comments on my posts. By reading my post, you read a part of my life, my experiences, and my journey. Each one of you has inspired me to keep going on and post something new and interesting.

This journey has been memorable because of the blogging friends I made all over the world.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Date Night Disaster

One night my classmate from college texted me, And invited me to go out into a group date.  Meron kasi siyang nirereto na  girl para sa akin.

So we went into this bar.  Tapos medyo get to know each other with this girl na nirereto sa kin. And the next thing I knew beers  and vodka were passed around and we were off to drink-land.

My date was ordering drinks for before she was finished with the one she had.  She loves to smoke pa. 

Grabe kababaeng tao, grabe maglaklak ng alak at managarilyo, talo pa ang lalake.

It was  really, tough to have conversation with a drunken date.

I  was  even repulsed by her beer and cigarette smelling breath.

Then  she asked me if “Im enjoying  myself”

I said “Umm Ok naman”

I am glad that I am not alone with her because if we had a proper conversation,  I know she would realize that I am lying.

She has no idea whatsoever how drunk she was, and I can’t breath because of the smoke of the  cigarettes.

My  date turned out to be  stinking drunk that she couldn't tell her ass from her elbow

And then , I pretended that I have to go to the bathroom and hope no one notices that I don’t comeback

My classmate called me the next morning,  telling me I was rude and inconsiderate, and he would never set me up on a date again!

Di na lang ako nagreact pa. Because commenting on it negatively, regarding my date would be pointless and destructive