Saturday, May 4, 2019

Election 2019

Decency was thrown out of the window when Duterte came into office..

Basic morality, decency, etiquette, & respect all went down the toilet under Digong 's shameless regime.

"Lord bring back sanity in our country,decency and respect to our fellowmen,love to our neighbors friends or enemies alike. Save the future generation of Filipinos.Let brotherhood reign in our midst regardless of color ,Relgion or education.These  we ask with knees folded towards You!!!
About the forthcoming election"

“All the decisions we make today will determine what our life will be tomorrow, lives of our children, our grandchildren. Pag-isipan ninyong mabuti! 

I will vote for Otso  Diretso

Sa mga DDS naman please vote for all Duterte's candidates walang iwanan
Please vote for all 16 candidates who support the president