Monday, August 29, 2011

Strategic Life Simulation Games

I am a big fan of the Sims games. And I have a complete collections of Sims 1 to Sim 3 including the expansions. I have to admit that there are times that I get bored playing the game. And to make the game more exciting, I need to install something on the game to make it more exciting and fun.

Kaya lang magiging:


Yes, Mommy Dionisia magiging malaswa ang game

If you want to make your Sims 2 game Bastos at Malaswa go to this website:

Firstly, you need to register first and become a member to access the website. And once you are member just click on Downloads and choose from a variety of  kamanyakan at kalibugan LOL!

Here are the examples of the Sims X-rated version (Pwede Straight, Gay or Lesbian)




Actually there is another game which is very similar to the Sims. The title of the game is Singles: Flirt up your life and  its sequel Singles 2: Triple Trouble. This game is for adults only and  not for kids. Coz there is nudity and lots of sex.

This game was panned by critics eventhough the graphics were good. They criticize the game because it's just a  ripoff of Sims series.

Here are some sample videos of the game:




You can download the game here:

Friday, August 19, 2011


I filed for a 2 day vacation leave,  Kasi ayoko ata  magtrabaho sa birthday ko. Actually ang HR department lang ang nakakaalam ng birthday ko.  Kahit sa dati, kung pinagtratrabahuhan ganun din,  HR lang nakakaalam or mga close na officemates ko lang.

Sa first day ng birthday ko ay binlowout ko ang family ko. Then sa second day naman kasama ko ang friends ko. Parang naging chickboy pa ako kasi kasama ko puro girls hahahaha. Di kasi pwede yung mga male friends ko.

Kumain kami sa Korean restaurant:

 Pasensia na sa pictures kasi di  ako artistic or  talented like Nimmy, Christian Bryan, AXL, khantotantra When it comes to photography hahaha. And low quality yung picture kasi phone lang gamit. Tinamad ako magdala ng digicam kasi ichacharge pa.  Parang wala lang,  picture picture, para lang may maiblog hehehehe

Sawang sawa na kasi ako sa Pinoy na pagkain and Chinese kaya sa Korean ako nagblow out,  para maiba naman. Mahilig kasi ako sa foreign food and I have tried  Persian, Indian, Japanese and Thai food. The best part sa korean restaurant is that may libre silang appetizers.

Last year gusto ko sana magbirthday party sa Jollibee or Mcdo na childrens party!( Trip ko lang).... kaya lang baka magpakamalan kaming mga retarded!!!  At sabi ng iba kung friends bad idea kasi walang beer or alak sa McDo or Jollibee. So sa resto na lang ako nagcelebrate ng birthday last year.

 After ng dinner ko with my female friends naisip ko tuloy. Hmm masok ata kasama ang mga babae kesa sa mga guys. Kasi unang una, mahina kumain ang girls, Second, Di sila umiinom ng beer. hehehehe  Wow!! nakatipid ng konti si Milch  ( Yesss im soo kuripot kaya, and  its may nature na naghahanap ng paraan para makatipid lagi  LOL!)

It's really funny kasi yung mga taong ineexpect ko na magregreet sa akin ay di nagreet. Pero ang mga taong di ko ineexpect ay nagreet sa birthday ko through text. Wala naman ako tampo sa mga nakalimot,  kasi kahit naman ako nakakalimot  din hehehehe.

And for my  cyber friends who greeted me,. Thank you talaga at natouch ako, at nakakataba ng puso :)


Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Dear Lord,

I thank you for giving me another year of  life
I thank you for all the people who have remembered me today
And also for all the achievements and all the friends you have given to me during the past year.

I thank you for all the experiences, the success and happy memories;
for times of failure which reminded me of my own weaknesses and of my need for you; for times of joy when the sun was shining; for times of sorrow which drove me to you.

Forgive me, Lord for the hours I have wasted; for the chances I failed to take; for the opportunities I missed in the past year.
Forgive me that I did not use my talents and abilities to the fullest because I was lazy and wanted the things the easy way, or I did not completely trust in your support.

Help me in the days which lies ahead to making this coming year better than last year and closer to you, my Lord. AMEN

I wish myself a happy birthday today, for I am happy to be born in this world,  in this body, and at this time!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Top or Bottom?

Milch: Bro! For now nakapagdecide na ako na mascomfortable ako as bottom than maging top

Friend: Hmm talaga? Eh sayang naman yung opportunity. At palalagapasin mo pa?

Milch: Oo nga eh,. parang mas-ok naman ako sa bottom position


I was offered a managerial position  by our company, In short a promotion. Because one of our managers will be resigning soon.

It took me days to think,  If  I will accept  the promotion or not. Kasi sa totoo lang if, I say YES then my decision can either make or break me. Kasi yung mangerial position na yan, eh mahirap na trabaho. In fact mga 7 employees na ang dumaan sa position na yan at nagresign sila lahat,  at di nakatagal. The position requires you to travel all around the Philippines (di ako mahilig magtravel lalo na sa mga provinces or away from the city) and sometimes  I may travel abroad din especially sa Asian countries. And I if I travel a lot, I will miss a lot of things like my computer, the blogs that I'm reading, my dvd collection, going to the gym, blogging and interacting with my  friends and cyberfriends,  etc. And worst of all, Managers don't have overtime pay.

Based naman sa salary may increase nga, pero ang salary na yun. I can earn it easily, if I ever decided to go back to a callcenter company.

So its really hard to be on the top position kasi masmaraming pressure, and as a manager, ikaw ang unang mapapagalitan ng superiors, if ever may nagkamali sa mga taong under sa yo. Unlike yung mga nasa bottom position na if ever they did something wrong then they can point their fingers to their managers bwahaha

 Di naman sa wala akong ambition na tumaas ang position ko sa company namin. But the only  thing that is most important to me, is  that  I'm happy with my work. Because before when I was working sa callcenter, My salary is really big, but the  paycheck was not worth it. Because I suffered so much pressure and mental anguish sa work.

 Since I refused the position,  and they decided to hire a new employee, instead.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Milch hates noise soo much

1) I hate an audience who are Noisy

I watched Captain America last Saturday night. And as expected mahaba ang pila at maraming tao, kasi weekend nga naman at sweldo pa. Instead of enjoying the movie, I was really pissed off with one noisy guy infront of me. Nakakabwisit talaga coz ang ingay niya and he reacts to every scene sa movie. Gosh! Ka-lalaking tao tapos ang ingay ingay buti pa yung girlfriend niya tahimik. And I can't understand what his saying kasi di siya tagalog. I can't concentrate sa movie kasi nadidistract ako sa ingay niya. Ako kasi pagnanood ng movie ayoko ng maingay kasi nakikinig akong mabuti sa sinasabi ng mga actors. So ginawa ko sinabihan ko siya ng SHHHHHHHHHHH! pero ayaw tumigil ng bwiset. Walang breeding ang tao na to parang taga bundok kasi di marunong manood ng movie at maingay at walang paki na nakakistoro siya sa ibang nanood. Minsan parang gusto ko sipain yung upuan niya kaya lang ayaw ko naman mapaaway.

This reminds me of a scene from the movie Scary Movie, I hope this scene will be shown to all theaters as a reminder to keep quiet, while watching a movie. (Please watch video below)

2) I can't sleep if it's noisy

I also hate noise pagnatutulog ako. Kasi before yung kapitbahay namin mahilig magkaraoke sa gabi. And minsan inaabot sila ng hating gabi sa pagkakanta. And the thing that really burns me up, mga piyokerong lasing pa sila. So in the middle of the night, I called them sa phone and asked kung pwede nila hinaan ang karoke. But they ignored me.. So what I did I reported them to our baranngay chairman at yun napahiya siya at di na sila maingay. Misan parang gusto ko tapunan ng granada yung kapitbahay naming maingay pero ayoko naman maging criminal at ayaw ko ng may kaaway hehehehe.

3) Now when it comes to sex (Please watch video below)

 In my case okay lang ang maingay LOL!