Monday, August 29, 2011

Strategic Life Simulation Games

I am a big fan of the Sims games. And I have a complete collections of Sims 1 to Sim 3 including the expansions. I have to admit that there are times that I get bored playing the game. And to make the game more exciting, I need to install something on the game to make it more exciting and fun.

Kaya lang magiging:


Yes, Mommy Dionisia magiging malaswa ang game

If you want to make your Sims 2 game Bastos at Malaswa go to this website:

Firstly, you need to register first and become a member to access the website. And once you are member just click on Downloads and choose from a variety of  kamanyakan at kalibugan LOL!

Here are the examples of the Sims X-rated version (Pwede Straight, Gay or Lesbian)




Actually there is another game which is very similar to the Sims. The title of the game is Singles: Flirt up your life and  its sequel Singles 2: Triple Trouble. This game is for adults only and  not for kids. Coz there is nudity and lots of sex.

This game was panned by critics eventhough the graphics were good. They criticize the game because it's just a  ripoff of Sims series.

Here are some sample videos of the game:




You can download the game here:


  1. Bakit ngayon ko lang nalaman! Lolz.

  2. ahahahaha..... mainit na game itow!!! matry nga. lols

  3. Avid fan din ako ng Sims since October 2000. Pero di ko alam na may ganito palang kalibugan sa Sims! HAHA

  4. hahaha ang sarap siguro laruin nito.. hahaha

  5. tawa ko ng tawa sa screen caps! masarap laruin to habang kumakain ng pancakes at hotdog no?

  6. ganyan palang laro.. i wonder pano to kinocontrol lol

  7. homaygawdddddddddddd!!! ano toh?hahhaa

    ngayon ko lang nalaman to a!grabe ka!napaka informative naman talaga ng blog mo hahaha!

  8. @akosiian

    actually matagal na yan eh. at meron na sila para
    sa sims3 kaya lang di kasing tindi ng sims2


    yup meron nga. pero this is non official
    siempre, hinahack lang ang sims

    talagang masarap hahahaha

    love it too hahahaha

    of course

    same lang yan sa paglaro ng sims
    nadagdagan lang ang interactions

    sims na porn hehehehehe
    tagal na to sa totoo lang meron na sila
    for sims3

  9. ay pwede palang gawing xxx? laro tayo papa milch! juk!

  10. Oh my oh my! Meron palang ganyang kababalaghan sa sims!