Thursday, June 30, 2016

President Duterte

Last Presidential election the Filipinos were divided through their candidate for President.

There are so many of us, each with different ideas and different beliefs, Of course we sometimes
disagree and arguments will happen

But our hearts can and should always be one. We only want the same thing, which is for the good of our country

Even if we're torn apart our feelings unite us

Today is the inauguration of  President Rodrigo Duterte.

For now , we all should give him a chance to be a good president. We shall hold our tongues, pray that he succeeds, follow his lead, wish him success and hope he does not disappoint. I hope the new president can start on the right track.

It's about time to rekindle the flames of relationship almost doused by disagreement in political choices

It's time to heal and hope for the best and pray and ask God to guide the new president to do good for the people in the Philippines