Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Husband and Wife

Since kahapon eh nagpost ako about marriage eh gagawa ako ng post about sa magasawa.

MAN1: My wife is so dumb she bought a car but she doesn’t know how to drive

MAN2: Oh yeah!! My wife is dumber.. I saw her bag filled with condoms  and she doesn’t even have a dick!!


A couple was pumping away in bed

      HUSBAND: Spread your legs wider (urgently after)


WIFE: What the fuck are you trying to do ?? Get your balls in??
       HUSBAND: NO, OUT!!!


WIFE: If you want to have sex press my right breast once. If you don’t want press my left breast once.

HUSBAND: Ok, If you want to have sex pull my penis once… If you don’t want to have sex pull it 100times


MAN1: I saw my wife in bed with my bestfriend

MAN2: What did you do?

MAN1: Beat her up!

MAN2: And your bestfriend?

MAN1: Dragged his ass and said BAD DOG!

At 9pm the husband said “Honey, pwede”? wife replied “NOO!!” at  10pm he said “Honey, pwede na ba?” she said “NO please ayoko pa!” at 12 am He said “Honey! Pagod na ko bubunutin ko na”


  1. hahaha, natawa ako sa pull it 100x. loko loko ung asawa! :)

    naalala ko ung tropa kong mag asawa, nagdidirty talk sila. masarap talaga may partner, enjoy in all aspects . hehe

  2. hahah nice one... yung last joke napaisip talaga ako.. hahaha

  3. dahil sa BAD DOG, naalala ko yung dati kong aso. la lang kasi mahilig siyang pumatong sa kapwa niyang lalakeng aso. BAD DOG siya. BADing.

  4. ahahahaha! hagalpak ako dun sa 100 times. manyak talaga oo. XD hahahah!

  5. @mr. chan
    wise si hubby at mautak hehehehe tama ka sarap ng may partner


    yung aso ng tito ko ganun din hehehehe pero pati sa asong babae
    ganun din siya manyak na aso

    wise si hubby hehehehe