Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I have been feeling more and more depressed recently, but I don't know why. It just seems ... sad.

Sometimes I just want to  cry, for no particular reasons

No one seems to notice this though. There's no financial or family problem and I don't really see anything wrong with my life right now

So I took this test


I  was pleased with the results that I got a score of  14 which means I don't need medical help for now


  1. Bro, might be hormonal lang yan. I used to experience that alot before. Nakakainis pa nyan even if you try to explain or connect that feeling to a situation, di mo pa rin mapinpoint kung bakit nga ba nalulungkot ka. it will pass. try to go out spend time with your friends or family para malibang ka.

  2. i used to feel the same way. minsan the weather or baka hormones, but the feeling always passed. but if it does linger, it wouldn't hurt to talk to someone. at my lowest, i used to see a psychologist in my old uni, and it really helped. hope you feel better milch.

  3. normal lang pala according sa result. ahahaha. matry nga yung test. :D

  4. u should not be worry kuya..dont be depressed.just come to me and ill hug u tightly hehehe.

    musta na.

  5. siguro sa buhay ng tao.... minsan parang balance lang.. yung kahapon masaya ka den ngayun malungkot ka.. den bukas.. galit ka... ay ewan ko ba sa pinagsasabi ko....


    hope youre OKay sir hard.. siguro pasyal ka.. nuod ka ng FAST FIVE!!!!!! tas makibugbog ka kina Vin Diesel at The ROck.. tas kwentuhan mo ko.. wala kasi akong pangsine eh.. hahaha.. lols..

    sana Ok k lng po.. ingats... :) God Bless...

  6. Don't be depressed. Look for a girlfriend.

    Date whoever is available and suits ur preference. Slowly you will get there! :D

  7. @thewanderer
    oo nga eh impossible naman na menopause
    kasi di ako girl or andropause kasi im still
    approaching 30. yup i think i need a vacation
    with family and friends para malibang

    yup i know, psychologist helps talaga
    kaya lang mahal like 500 per session

    good luck sa test hehehehe

    wow thanks i would appreciate that

    blowout kita nood tayo hehehe LOL! thanks

    yup i need to look for one hahahaha
    and thanks

    Thanks for the comment you guys cheer me up
    appreciate all your comments

  8. Thansk for the link. Now I have something to use whenever I feel weird. We hope you'll be fine soon. Keep smiling! :D

  9. ay buti at normal... hehehe...

  10. It's nice to know na Normal ka pa rin at wala pang Mood o Bipolar Disorder :)

  11. minsan feeling depressed din ako... un nga lang i'm aware of the cause... good to know ur still normal... eheh! :p

    World of Vhincci

  12. Dude, it's a matter of setting your mind. So you gotta keeping up things that would make you well enough, excel and get rid of depression. Think of wonderful things that made you alive. A lot to discover sa buhay.. Good luck!