Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Guru


Bored with Bollywood movies but fascinated with their Hollywood counterparts from his youth, Ram dreams to become a singer and actor in America, the country where dreams are made. He is encouraged when his American-based close friend, Vijay Rao, comes for visit, and brags about driving a Mercedes and living in a penthouse. The Guptas do their best to talk Ramu out of going to America, but in vain. Ram does travel to America and upon arrival in New York is received by Vijay. This is where Ram will get a shock when he finds out that Vijay works as a waiter in an Indian Restaurant, drives a taxi-cab for a living, has never owned any car, and lives in a small apartment based in a Cinema Theater that hosts Bollywood movies, and his two room-mates are Sanjeev and Amit, one of them an illegal immigrant. Ram gets a job as a waiter in the same restaurant as Vijay, but is fired when he gets into a physical argument with a customer. Thereafter Ram applies for an acting job, only to find out that he is to to star in a porno movie opposite sexy Sharonna. Shortly thereafter the Guptas in India will get the shock of their lives when they get to watch a live television telecast of Ramu, who is now known as the "Sex Guru". What they do not know is that Ramu has been inspired by his porno co-star, Sharonna, who leads a double life
This is one of my favorite movies hahahaha kasi marami siyang unforgetable quotes sa movie

Fear is cold. It freezes us up.
We all experience fear

Fear of performance.

Fear of doing something bad,

What would our parents think?

What people think about us?

Do you know where we hold our fears?

We hold our fears in our genitals

That's why sex is such a release.

When we cum, we let go of our fears.

And when we let go of our fears,
we touch our soul.

Our genitals is the door to our soul.


"God is watching us"

He is the God who made the rose and the ocean.. .
he made me

And my body is made to have sex, just like the rosebud is made to open


And the most powerful sexual organ
God gave us is our brain.


  1. Bollywood movies sometimes makes a lot of sense sa mundo. Favorite ko yung Kites ni Barbara Mori na crush an crush ko.

    Dito sa SG may cinema na puro Bollywood ang plabas. Sa ngayon di nako makadownload kasi bnlock yung torrent dito. hehehe

  2. @mr chan ahh si barbara mori aka rubi yeah she's really pretty pero meron pa isa na pretty si ana claudia talancon mexican actress maganda din siya. too bad di ka makadownload ng torrent. pero may paraan try mo sites like this di na kailangan ng torrent kasi dadaan ka sa hotfile, or rapidshare

  3. maganda ang mga lines hah..ano po to reality na may fiction ata..hehe

  4. @emmanuel
    oo nga fiction lang yung movie

  5. char... menimorize... tsk2.. wahehhe

  6. maraming magagandang bollywood movies... ang nakakasawa lng kasi trademark na nila ung sumasayaw talga hehehe at the middle of the movie db...

  7. nakakatawa yung mga lines. kaso sori di ko ma-appreciate yung mga sayaw sayaw sa bollywood movies.

  8. i watch this movie as well.. its nice but somehow ........:)

  9. Hi. I watched this film maybe twenty times. It's light, and funny.
    Very romantic and quite erotic yung pagkanta nila ng "just the way you are" song ni Billy Joel. Vanessa and I tried doing the same. Natatawa kami nung umpisa pero nung mag-meet na yung eyes namin while I'm on top, nangangatal ako sa sobrang pagmamahal. This made me love this film even more.