Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Multi Orgasmic Man

Women experience multiple orgasm than men..... But this book proves that men can also enjoy multi-orgasm .

If you want your sexual experience and pleasure to be maximized read this book.

…When a man cums, he loses all his energy.” I think many of us have experienced this and you feel weak and sleepy after ejaculation.

This book also teaches us to masturbate and pleasure yourself without ejaculating....   It also teaches us techniques on controlling your climax and how to have multiple orgasms.

I’m excited about reading this book and learning how to be a Multi-Orgasmic Man bwahahahahaha. 

I also included female orgasm for my female readers (kung meron hahahhaha) or you can share this to your horny female friends and this book also helps us to understand women and give them pleasure and rock their world!!!

This book is applicable to all men whether your straight, bisexual or gay (unless di mo pa pinutol ang pitutoy mo hehehehehe)

Download it here:


  1. pareng Hard,

    pag natapos mo na basahin ha..

    tambay ka sa bahay.

    tutor-an mo ko.


  2. wow! iinit na ang ber months! hihi

  3. @rabiit
    haba ng chapter eh pero it will take time para maachieve ang pagiging multiorgasm man hahahaha


    init nga hahahha

  4. @Hard: maghihintay ako. bwahahaha!
    o kung gusto mo, daan ako jan para sabay nating matutunan. hehe