Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bloopers sa callcenter

Customer: I can't connect to the internet

Technical Support Agent: I would like to apologize for any convenience blah blah blah

Customer: Thank you, sir

Technical Support Agent: Mrs Snow are you infront of your computer?

Customer: Yes I am, Hmm my cursor on my screen is not moving. I don't know whats wrong. I just see a blank screen.

 Technical Support Agent: Ma'am could you please close your windows first

Customer: Okay, please hold for a minute

( Nagintay ako ng like 20mins of dead air and no response from the customer)

Customer: (catching her breath) I'm back!!

Technical Support Agent: Mrs. Snow are you alright you sound tired?

Customer: You bet I am, I have to close all the windows inside my house.

( Is it my fault, or she is just stupid hmm dapat sinabi ko windows xp on her computer)


Irate customer: I can't fucking connect to the internet!!! with this fucking computer and this fucking modem

Technical Support Agent: I apologize sir, I bet your computers is having orgasm right?

Irate customer: I want to talk to your supervisor 


Customer: I can't connect to the internet

Technical Support Agent: I would like to apologize blah blah and how many lights are in your modem?

Customer: I don't know because I don't have my modem I threw it away because it was not working

Technical Support Agent: Sir, all we need to do is just to reconfigure your modem in order for you to get connected to the internet.

Customer: Hmm I guess I need to buy another modem.I thought that I don't need the modem coz I also have a router. Because I have been using my router for years.


Customer: I'm an old lady and can you teach me on how to check, send and receive email?

Technical Support Agent: I would be glad to help you out. Okay first thing we need to do is, we need to go to so that we can create an email account for you.

Customer: Okay

(Customer started screaming...........)

Customer: OH MY GOD!!! Are you kidding me!! I see a guy holding his erect penis!!!

Technical Support Agent: Ma'am can you spell it out for me what you typed in your address bar?

Customer: Okay  I typed in  H -O -T - M- A- L- E .com


  1. Lmao milch this post is so funny haha... Can't imagine to be in the position to talk to those customers.I am not train to handle irate customers over the phone but in reality i can handle most of the concerns of my irate doctors!

  2. yeah nakakagulat na may ganyan kastupid na tao
    manhid na kami diyan sa irate customers minsan pinagtatawanan na lang namin sila.


    pero mga baguhan na agents umiiyak pa

  3. natawa naman ako sa hotmale. muntik ko nang icheck kaso baka maintrobol ako. haha

  4. Akala mo kung cnu mga superior eh ang boploks naman pala hihi...

  5. hahaha katawa nito... pinagot mopa si mrs. sa pagasawa ng WINDOWS hehehe matry nga baka may POP in na BEEEEP LOL

  6. narinig ko na ung first story mo.. kala ko gawa gawa lang un. nangyayari pala talaga. hahaha

    nice one sa hotmale! hahaha

  7. hahaha.. katawa naman. My ba talaga? hahaha

  8. @Arvin meron talagang hihihihi

  9. haha.. meron nga..

  10. ahahahah...

    LMAO for the!!!
    better check it out!!

  11. whahah LOL grabe.... di ko alam kung tanga ba siya o tanga talaga eh... sakit sa bangs :D