Thursday, June 8, 2017

Wonder Woman Review

I saw it  last Saturday and it was better than I imagined, not sure what I expected but really good and I wanted to shout out and clap but I didn’t want to disturb the other people watching the movie.  So I sat there in silence but really enjoyed it. I am also pleased that it did very well at the box office, she is soooo pretty and  Steve and Diana they were good together

 I also LOVED seeing the Amazons jumping off the cliffs without hesitation to protect their home.

 I loved seeing WW in No Man’s Land, determined to save all of the people.

The big “no man’s land” action sequence is among the best superhero fight scenes I’ve ever seen. Bravo, bravo

Patty Jenkins did an outstanding job with the WW mythology and this movie had heart  and great action scenes too. It was so refreshing to see women warriors kicking butt!!

Gal Gadot was perfection in the role of Wonder Woman

However  thhis version of Diana does change her Themysciran origins from what comic book fans might have been used to. Where we are used to reading about Wonder Woman winning an Amazonian competition in order to prove herself the most capable warrior of her people.

I usually do not see the same movie twice in a theatre, but I may make an exception for Wonder Woman!

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