Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Get Huge at Home

Halos lahat ata ng tao ang new year resolution ay magpapayat at magdiet, No wonder maraming tao sa gym ngayon. Pero  I'm sure pakonti ng pakonti na rin ang mga tao sa gym paglipas ng panahon. Kasi yung iba sa umpisa lang at tatamarin na o pwede din pagsumakit na ang katawan nila ayaw na nila.

Minsan nakakainis na kasi madaming tao kaya naiisip ko na sa bahay na lang ako magwoworkout.

At isa sa mga  pinoproblema ko lang ngayon ay wala na ako time magworkout because of work.

Nanghihinayang ako sa bayad ko sa gym monthly kasi di ako nakakapunta sa gym.

Kung pwede lang irefund yung binayad ko sa gym ay  ginawa ko na.

So for now, I decided to build my own gym at home. Building a home gym has its advantages. For example you can watch tv shows with the volume adjusted to your liking, as well as the music.

For now, my original reason for training at home was to save time. I knew that training at home would allow me to spend more time to do other things. I can train when I want and how I want. If I want to train at 11:00 at night or on a holiday,, I can!

I can also set up my own equipment to do a giant set and not to worry about someone, invading my space.

Ang kinaiinisan ko sa gym, yung mga taong matagal gumamit ng equipment, at meron din yung lahat ng equipment pupuntahan niya lahat at pagagamit ka, sasabihin niya di pa siya tapos. Kaya masarap talaga magkaroon ng sarili mong gym sa bahay.

Another  reason  I continue to train at home are because I can concentrate far better and I am more focused. Therefore my workouts are much more intense.

Training at home without a training partner or spotter takes more concentration, focus and ingenuity than it does in a gym with a partner or a spotter.

But I have to admit, I miss some of my friends who still train in a commercialized gym. I had a lot of fun and socializing and joking around from time to time, but the bottom line is the reason I train is to be fit and healthy and look good.

Although there are times that the gym atmosphere helped in the motivation but real and lasting motivation comes from within.

For personal motivation I like to set goals and then develop a plan to achieve those goals.  Goals setting is the single most motivational factor in my training. Having a good plan really helps me stay focused.

For a total body workout, there is nothing that can beat a real and fully equipped gym.

But for now, I'm using dumbells for my workout and I would like to share my exercise program

Listed, below are some basic mass building exercises you can do at the gym, and their home equivalents.

Body PartGym ExerciseFree Weight Option
THIGHSLeg Press or Hack SquatBarbell or Dumbell Squat
Glute Blaster MachineDumbell Lunge
Leg ExtentionSissy Squat
Lying Leg CurlLying dumbell leg curl
CHESTPec-dec flye Incline or Flat Bench
Cable CrossoverDumbell Flye
SHOULDERSSeated Lateral Raise MachineDumbell Lateral Raise
BACKPull downOne Arm Dumbell Row or Pullup
TRICEPSCable PresdownDumbell Kickback
Overhead Cable ExtentionDumbell Overhead Extention
BICEPSDumbell Preacher CurlDumbell Concentration Curl

For more dumbell exercises you can also download the link here: (notepad siya tapos pacopy and paste ang link para madownload)



  1. gusto ko po yung program....
    at least may idea na ako kahit konti..

    1. usually pagnagenroll ka sa gym bibigyan ka nila ng sarili mong program if not ask me.

  2. ako after feb 6 last day ko sa work mag gigym n din ako

  3. this is nice - you can work out in the privacy of your own home, kahit naka undies pwede na mag work out! :)

    1. Oo nga why not pwede mo gawin lahat ng gusto mo

  4. ayos ng tips magawa nga din ito :). Yung program na ginagawa ko is iba dito, pero sarili ko lang yun. nagchecheck lang ako sa mga websites :)