Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Last Saturday was the day from hell. Sort of I went to work with puffy eyes

I spoked to my my supervisor and I  spent the rest of the conversation defending myself and the choices I've made in my job. I often say I have no regrets, but I suppose in  the end I do.  I never thought I'd say these words, but I am so tired of having to explain myself and I am so tired of being told.

 I'm trying to stay positive, but I feel like crying all day.

I felt very empty going out of my office and  I suddenly missed my friends terribly.

Now, Everything was getting to me. I'm getting ready for the depression, I'll feel when its finally over, but I really didn't feel emotional  anymore when I got home. It was like it had already ended for me.

But I know I'm gonna feel something later, l just don't know when that's gonna be.

Right now, there are no words to describe the weariness I feel today. I have not slept well in days, and even when I do, there is no comfort

What is happening to me?

Inside my head there is never silence. I feel at any moment that I could break. I want to cry for all the sadness in the world, but mostly my own.

I know this depression will past and I'll get by



 I'm going down a gentle slope with an empty suitcase.
When I look back, I see a shiny red roof in the distance.
I'm leaving this house on the hill today.

I've always done it like this
and I will continue to do so.
I look my best on windy mornings.
I'm sure I can catch a good head wind.

I gain everything
and I lose everything.
Everything is slipping through my fingers,
but my heart is still standing here,
and once again, I will start walking.

I gain everything
and I lose everything.
When I'm left with a blank page,
the fire of hope in my heart is always bright.

Why? Raising a tough question, the day an important dream had been broken.
I saw a scene never seen over the wall.
I was never conceited.

Birds sleep now, resting their wings
to travel tomorrow morning. Lightly flying by they're so far away

Even people again
can be happy.
People told me goodbye now.
The new town, I think
surely, believe myself to meet again.

Remembering how now, whether it is or was not right,
walking under the sun, waving.


  1. kaya mo yan bro.. ikaw pa... wag mo na lang masyadong isipin yun...

  2. posted this on my Facebook wall last month. Cheer up Milch. :)

    "A crushing defeat makes you value, what it really means to be winning"

  3. Everything comes for a reason ...and everything has a solution....and it's always how perfect life is's about how you get up and stay strong when im perfection comes ^_^

    love yah kuya milch ...hahaha may bago na ko blog lol...

    I iz BACK!!!!!!!!

  4. i hope you get to find someone to talk to about this

  5. Hugs na lang papi.. I know, you would get past this.. Lahat tayo ay dumadaan sa ganyan..

  6. oh my god dad! kaya pala wala kang text for the past few weeks.. I wish I could do something to help you dad :(

  7. there will always be a beautiful rainbow of hope after the rain. keep smiling and stay focused. :)

  8. down the depths of the dark
    dwell under, dig deeper
    but never fail to trace your steps
    look back to the bright
    there's nothing wrong in submerging in depression
    just be sure to make it back to the surface,
    to the light, holds life

  9. aww! kaya mo yan Kuya Mitch!!! We're kinda experiencing the same thing but I know may susurpass mo rin yan! *hugs! :)

  10. Whenever I'm depressed I force myself to smile, laugh. I try to think of silly things, do crazy stuff whenever I'm feeling down. Faking a smile, I think, is one of the initial steps to break away from negativity. And maybe afterwards, true peace and happiness may come from such frivolity. Just my two cents worth. (^_^)v

  11. to all:

    thank you so much for the comments, natouch ako sobra and thanks for cheering me up.

    appreciate ko lahat ng comments