Saturday, May 26, 2012

At the Bar

I went with the guys from the office to this bar.

As usual I was too early at kailangan ko pa hintayin ang mga kasamahan ko. Umupo ako malapit sa may bartender tapos may isang girl nakatabi ko. Nagkatinginan kami pero  walang nagsalita sa amin.  Then after a few minutes she looked at me again and  she left a note at the table.

Actually this is not the first time because, I do have some experience with women, who have the hots for me.

Ever since my college days, I have been pursued by women set on luring me into their beds.

I have nothing against aggressive women. Because a girl who makes the first move is usually confident and not afraid of taking risks. And  I like that.

But now,  I'm hesitant to call or text this stranger, I mean  I don't know her  personally, We didn't talk, What does she want from me? sex? money? love? or baka nanghihingi ng load sa phone? Hmmmmmm


  1. ahahah! naaalala ko tuloy yung mga parody ng "Call Me Maybe" sa chwirrer.. there's one in particular, which goes like: "Hey I just met you, and this is crazy. But here's my number, pa-load ng 30"... ahahaha! :P

  2. what's hot and habulin. anong nakasulat sa note? :)

  3. load sa phone, hahaha! :)

  4. give it a try :) u'll never know until you do :) ingat hehe

  5. Sex na yan ano paaaaa!!!! Sana kinontak mo na! LOL

  6. That "H" alone is enough to make me cringe. JHOY? So jeje! LOL

  7. ang benta mo naman papa milch. siyanga pala, ako naman si Lhigaya.

  8. @nate
    may narereceive akong mga text na ganyan minsan
    like "paload nga ng P30 may sasabihin ako" pero di
    ko naman kilala yung tao

    Jhoy txt me nakasulat

    siguro i have a feeling

    im still thinking about it, thanks ingat din

    di siya mukhang student

    hmm let me think about it. baka mapikot ako niyan
    or makabuntis

    yeah did she just spelled it wrong
    its either jhoanna, or joy hahahahah

    oo nga mahaba pala hair ko parang si rapunzel. joke

  9. sayang! tinawagan mo na sana hehehe napapagusapan naman yan. LOL

  10. Just read this today.

    And quoting a simple quote from the movie I watched last night, lemme just say, "Interesante."

    As for me, I always look for the girl with the broken smile and ask her if she wants to stay a while. Yep, that song.


  11. HAHA.. hindi siguro money... like ka lang? or.... siguro.... hay ewan, hehe. stranger eh!

  12. I would definitely do! It's better to regret for doing smthn than for not doing.