Saturday, April 14, 2012

Social Networking Sites

I just want to share an article written by Jhoanna O. Gan-So from the Manila Bulletin newspaper. I only added some pictures to make the article more interesting.

With millions of people interacting through Facebook and Twitter, our work lives are changing dramatically at an extremely fast pace.  To avoid becoming obsolete, most find that they have no choice but to ride the wave and adapt to new technologies and different ways to interact. Its either you join the social network or risk being left behind.

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linked-in provide many benefits for its users. It helps people stay connected. Friends and relatives abroad are able to share milestones in their lives, as well as daily moments of joy with us.

 Missing people can be lost and found in a matter of hours through sheer power of the network.

Business people can build their contacts at a faster pace using social networking  tools. It is indeed exciting to be living today with all the opportunities and possibilities of the new media

Celebrities can announce and share their thoughts  instantaneously to their followers.


Even with all the wonderful things social media brings, it also has its own set of problems and issues. In the recently held HR Leadership Conference and Businessmaker Academy, MRM Worldwide Manila Managing Director Donald Lim discussed in his keynote speech the impact of social media in the workplace.

Lim showed us the exciting changes and benefits that social media is bringing to the workplace, but he also warned us of the problems that may be encountered by companies and its users. He shared very practical tips to avoid problems and maximize the medium.

For those who didn't get a chance to attend, let me share my take on a few problems encountered in social media and some of the practical solutions:

Embarrassing situations.

Remember the Malacanang speechwriter who tweeted that the "wine sucked" in a state dinner of a foreign nation and that there were no handsome men in that country while being part of the president's entourage? I'm sure she did not mean to offend with her thoughtless remark, but it caused a lot of embarrassment for the President. I guess she learned a valuable lesson that once you tweet and announce something to the online world, it's difficult to take back what you said. In times like these, the best thing to do is sincerely apologize and pray that it won't haunt you for the rest of your life. It is also best to avoid saying negative things in the first place. Perhaps the time-tested advice of mothers still holds true: "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.


In the United States, there was a case wherein an employee was caught writing bad things about her boss. She was fired for it so she filed a lawsuit against the company. Her argument is that she did it outside the company time and in her private account. This brought forth the question:  Is Facebook a private or a public place? However, the company settled so it was never deliberated in court. You can just imagine how many disgruntled employees or unsatisfied customers can easily write negative things about you. If you could be a PR nightmare. Years spent building the name and reputation of your company can be undone within hours. The solution shared by Lim is to have a clear company policies regarding social media and to have someone regularly monitoring your Internet presence.


For job hunters and employees, you can just put out the wrong image if you post awkward, indecent and unlpleasant photos in your profile pages. There are HR recruitment officers who look at your profile online as background check. What would that person say if you have party photos where you look drunk and wasted? Your profile page is a reflection of your character so always put your best foot forward and post things that enhance your image.

Student Banned from graduation due to Facebook photo:

Philippine catholic school punishes boys over Facebook photos


In the USA there was even an extreme case of a woman who burned down a couple's house because they "unfriended" her. I also know of feuding employees who use Facebook as a place to express their anger against others. The problem is that they have common friends who read their posts and told that the party concerned about it. Things got ugly and it broke their friendship. So never think Facebook and Twitter as an online diary. It's an online social network. If you take pains to prepare for a party or look good when you meet friends, the more you should be careful in establishing a good image, reputation and relations online.

Man Kills ex after she announced engagement to another man on facebook

Taiwanese kill wife's Facebook friend

Like some many modern tools, social media provides us many benefits. But if abused or used with abandon it may give your problems. So use it wisely and well. Maximize its potential and let it work for you.


  1. masyadong naging powerful ang social media sites pero its a double edge sword.

    Yung picture ng boys, parang di ko nabalitaan yang news na iyon.

    1. regarding sa boys nareport siya sa 24 news ng GMA 7

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  3. Since nauso na kasi ang mga ganito, di na alam ng tao kung anu ang "oversharing"

    I initialy disliked FB kasi meron akong college classmate noon, pinost na niya sa wall ang buong araw niya mula pagkagising, inalmusal, etc etc etc.

    Asaan ang privacy kung pati intimate and trivial details ng buhay eh made public?

    1. exactly pero depende yun sa user ng social networking sites yung iba kulang na lang pati ang pagbanyo itweet or ifacebook lol!

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    1. yup but i cant blame sharon kasi below the belt na ang paninira ng bashers niya, kasi pamilya niya at mga anak niya inaatake na ng haters niya.

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