Saturday, April 21, 2012

20 SEXY Questions


1) What is sexy for you?

Sexiness is the way a person carry themselves, sexy is all about attitude when you have it,  you carry it well. And the most important of all,  is someone who  is confident and someone who knows what they want and could care how society depicts them

2) When do you feel sexy?

When someone cals me sexy lol!

3) What part of your body would you consider sexiest?


4) What part of a woman's body you find sexy

Boobs, ass and  women who have small waist to hip ratio

5) When did you lose your innocence?

 I'm a late bloomer. I lost my innocence when I was in my 20's already

6) To a younger woman, an older woman or a woman your age?

Woman near to my age or someone older than me

7) Sexiest book?

I’m not into books

8) Sexiest movie?

Y Tu Mama Tambien (2001)

9) Sexiest musical instrument?


10) Sexiest song?

I'm to sexy by Right Said Fred –joke

11) Sexiest TV show?


12) Sexiest food?

Whipped cream

13) Sexiest time of day?

Early morning, because, every morning when i wake up i see my thing standing erect creating a little pyramid in the blanket

14) Sexiest part of the house?


15) Sexiest animal?


16) Boxers, briefs

Both, speaking of briefs I don't wear full rise or classic briefs coz they look like grandpa's undies

17) Sexiest fantasy?

Too many to mention

18) Sexiest thing you have ever done to yourself?

Hmmmm secret


19) What do you think you look sexiest in?

Wearing   sando or wearing swim trunks  siguro lol!

20) Sexiest thing you have ever done to or with someone?

Joining someone in the shower, It's not just about being naked and wet, either. Taking the time to soap each other down is simultaneously erotic and intimate, allowing you to enjoy the sensual sensations while also taking the time to pay attention to one another


  1. mahanap nga yung movie :) though it kinda gives me the hint na para siyang niremake ng isang local film before

    1. talaga? anong movie? pero baka eto yung ginaya, you know naman sa atin mahilig tayo mangaya

  2. natawa ako sa whipped cream!!! hahaha. kinky and sexy.

  3. hoy sexy! ang sexy naman ng 20 questions na to! :)

    1. buti nga umabot sa 20 hihihihi pinagisipan talaga

  4. why is cat the sexiest? for me it's snake. :) LOL

    sexy is attitude, i definitely agree! :)

    1. kasi i remember catwoman kaya naging sexy ang cats hihihi.

      yeah its attitude

  5. hahhahaha.... hot nga ng post na ito.

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