Saturday, October 8, 2011

Song of my Life

Tayong mga pinoy very emotional at mahilig makinig sa mga kanta kung depress tayo, in love or galit sa mundo. Pag inlove tayo we love to listen to love songs. Pag galit tayo sa mundo we listen to gothic heavy metal rock band. Pag nageemote tayo minsan gusto natin sabayan ng music, in short parang soundtrack ng buhay natin.

Isa sa pinakafavorite kung singer ay si Mariah Carey, kasi nakakarelate ako sa 2 songs niya.

1st song from Mariah Carey "Outside" from the Butterfly album


It's hard to explain
Inherently it's just always been strange
Neither here nor there
Always somewhat out of place everywhere
Without a sense of belonging to touch
Somewhere halfway
Feeling there's no one completely the same

Standing alone
Eager to just
Believe it's good enough to be what
You really are
But in your heart
Uncertainty forever lies
And you'll always be
Somewhere on the

Early on, you face
The realization you don't have a space
Where you fit in
And recognize you
Were born to exist


And it's hard
And it's hard
And it's hard

Falling in between
And it's hard
And it's hard
To be understood
As you are
As you are

Oh, and God knows
That you're standing on your own
Blind and unguided
Into a world divided
You're thrown

Where you're never quite the same
Although you try - try and try
To tell yourself
You really are

But in your heart - uncertainty forever lies
And you'll always be
Somewhere on the outside
You'll always be
Somewhere on the outside

When I first heard this song, I instantly connected to it. Because most of my life I've always felt different from everyone else. Even when I'm hanging with friends or family, Sometimes, I find myself drifting off into my own world. Kaya nga sabi nila may sarili akong mundo kung minsan.​

I love this song so much, because I can relate to what she's singing about, and it touches me so deep and no words can explain what I am feeling. Mariah is such an amazing songwriter. 


2nd song "Looking In" from the Daydream album


You look at me and see the girl
Who lives inside the golden world
But don't believe
That's all there is to see
You'll never know the real me

She smiles through a thousand tears
And harbors adolescent fears
She dreams of all
That she can never be
She wades in insecurity
And hides herself inside of me

Don't say she takes it all for granted
I'm well aware of all I have
Don't think that I am disenchanted
Please understand

It seems as though I've always been
Somebody outside looking in
Well here I am for all of them to bleed
But they can't take my heart from me
And they can't bring me to my knees
They'll never know the real me

I definitely can relate to this song because it expresses all I've ever felt.

This song is sad but powerful. And of course para makarelate I have to change she into he :)


I love these songs and have adopted it as my theme song. It makes me cry everytime I hear it but it helps me feel like im understood. And naisip ko di lang pala ako nagiisa sa mga naradaman ko, even Mariah felt what I felt.


  1. I'm curious, what are your shower songs?

  2. nagustuhan ko yung meaning nung OUTSIDE..

    yung mag isa k lang... unguided di mo lam san u pupunta....parating mag-isa....

    ayun... kaso di ko lang lyk yung pagkakanta.. di ko marinig gaano yung lyrics. parang pabulong.. tas biglang bibirit... heheheh...


  3. OMG! Fave ko yang outside lalo na yung Close my eyes! Favorite album ko niya ang Butterfly! Apir!

  4. like na like ko din ang song writing ni mariah. di lang basta basta, parang makaka relate ka nga talaga. sa butterfy, favorite ko ang breakdown at fourth of july, kasi saktong sakto sya sa mga napag daanan ko dati. sabi mo nga, soundtrack sya ng buhay ko :)

  5. Hi there!

    Oo nga, tama ka. Swak partners ang mood and songs. Tipong super sad ka, papatugtugin mo ang buong album ni Mariah Carey habang gumagawa ng scenes sa utak mo o pisikal mong inaarte yung ganda - ala music video.

    I LOVE Mariah Carey. Especially Emancipation of Mimi, and E=MC2.

  6. gusto ko yung 'i don't want to cry'ni mariah. wala lungs. :D

  7. di ko alam how i could've missed these songs, pati na ata album. puro chinese kasi ang radyo dito. these are really great songs - thanks for sharing.

  8. ngek di ko fave si mariah...

  9. @victor
    di ako kumakanta sa shower hehehehe

    yup yan ang hirap ay mariah ang hirap
    kantahin ang songs niya kasi puro
    high notes

    apir., butterfly talaga ang pinakamagandang
    album ni mariah besides daydream and emancipation of mimi

    apir din,breakdown and fourth of july maganda din siya
    at favorite ko din

    same here, pero yung last album niya
    di masyado maganda the best pa rin ang
    daydream, butterfly, e=mc and emancipation

    maganda din yung song na yun sa first album niya
    at mahirap kantahin hehehehe

    welcome sean


    kaya ko nagustuhan si mariah kasi i can relate to her songs

  10. Ay sayang! I want to sing along pa na man but the peeps in the house are asleep already. Later na lang. :)

    Thinking Out Loud

  11. Ok lang ba sa isang lalaki na nakikinig ng music ni mariah?