Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Coping up with Rejection

There are two important things in life, Learning to hold on and let go Holding on to the penis and letting go after ejaculation.  :)

Hahahaha Akala niyo na  mageemote ako or get depressed, after how my ex gf treated me.. Well kung ayaw niya sa akin eh di hwag. Keber ko ba sa kanya and di ko pipilitin ang sarili ko sa kanya.

Sa lahat nagcomments last time I can't thank you enough!! you made me feel better, Really appreciate your comments

And I love you all Mwahh!!


  1. One of the hardest things also is, trying to let go or stop momentarily when you're (edging) on the verge of orgasm bwahhahaha, you just can't stop jerking or pumping til u cum bwahahaha...:P

    and yah, GOOD 4 U! di sya worth it para masktan ka! :P

  2. The emo side of milch hihi!

    The Art of Letting Go :)

  3. whahaha emo much.. di bagay.. tama na yan... tama na yan... ikaw nga move on and see the positive side of life.. naks :D

  4. onga. kung ayaw, huwag. you stay happy :)

  5. hahaha... the best....

  6. @soltero yup im ok im not that hurt just

    @pluripotent nurse and they tell me im the
    drama king

    @axl thanks :) always positive thinking dapa

    @carlo thanks carlo yun nga eh kung ayaw niya
    eh di hwag

    @likha yup

    @engel yup let go of sadness

    @kikomaxx oo nga eh its better na nageemote
    na nakakadepress isulat ko