Friday, December 10, 2010

Famous People

Q:  What’s the difference between a  vendo machine and Monica Lewinsky??

A: Both have slots, that says Insert Bill Here!!


So Dodie Fayed arrives in heaven. He sees the limo driver and shouts. “I said I want to fuck Di in the Limo not Fucking Die in the limo!!”

GENIE: I will grant you one wish, what will it be?
MAN: I want to be in between Angelina Jolie’s legs!!
GENIE: That’s easy!!! Are you sure?
MAN: Yes!
GENIE: By my power you are now a napkin.

Girl admiring Kobe Bryant tattoos…Reebok on his arms, Puma on his legs
She screamed when she saw AIDS on his penis. He assures her;
Relax, in a minute when its erect, it  will read ADDIDAS


Tarzan swings, Tarzan falls, Jane saves him by grabbing Tarzan’s balls
Now you know how and why Tarzan goes Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!

They say you can tell the size of a man’s penis by the size of his shoes… No wonder Ronald Mcdonald is so happy!!

Adam must have been some kind of nut! Who else would sit next  to a naked woman and eat apples instead of nipples!!

Sino ang unang architect?
 Si Eva kasi siya ang unang nagpatayo!!

Eh sino naman ang unang estudyante?
Si  Adan, kasi siya ang unang pumasok!!

Qualities of a good blowjob:

 1)    RELIGIOUS (Lumuluhod)

2)    JUDY ANN SANTOS (malaki panga)

3)    SWIMMER (mahaba hininga)

4)    BUNGAL (para hinde sabit ngipin)

5)    MALAKI TENGA (para handy)

6)    MALAPAD NOO like Matet De Leon  (Para patungan ng Beer)


  1. ang malaki ang panga at mahaba ang hininga is a big factor talaga hihi!:)

  2. bakit malaki tenga??? hindi ko nagets. hehehe :P