Saturday, November 15, 2014

One Night Stands

 I attempt my first one-night stand by using social media. And of course I practice safe sex

I can't seem  to get over the awkward sex with someone for the first time. I have to admit that, I had a bunch of one night stands in the past.

I never really get past that, even though I want to. I get really paranoid about what I did and I just try to find the first opportunity to get out there. I hate that awkward silence after sex. I don't really know what to say. After that I get ashamed to talk to the again

If there is one thing, I learned you should  put aside your personal feelings with a studied yet cool sense of detachment and  just have fun and not take this silly thing too seriously.

Because it really hurts when you  take everything too seriously. I mean you  would wait with a deep breath for a response from  that person  and if it didn't come  or  didn't get any reply.  Then, I would wonder what was wrong with me.? Was it something I said or didn't say? Am I not attractive enough?

We would either meet and have sex and I'd never see each other again or we'd casually text until one or both of us lost interest.

I realize something that  I don’t enjoy it anymore.

I always have had the sense that when I’m involved with someone, I become a better person. I know I need to be in a relationship.

Random anonymous sex leaves me feeling lonelier than before.

 There is also a  difference between accepting the sexual aspect of a relationship versus basing the relationship solely on the desire to have sex.

I decided to delete  my  social media accounts on purpose. I have many reasons


  1. never ko pa natry makipag one night stand thru social networking. but before na experience ko din yan after ONS di kami nagpansinan umuwi ako ng di lumilingon. Parang after that bigla akong napaisip, "whats wrong with me" even though Its clear that we will do that bago ko pa siya mameet. hindi ko na inisip ang dahilan.hehe

  2. the detachment part is where it gets a little tricky.

    meron kasing naiinlove for whatever reason and that spoils the fun.

    1. Oh well gaun talaga much better to do it alone at umasa sa kamay lol

    2. We may be confusing it with the illusion of love. It's tricky, yes—because physical intimacy produces the same emotions that surface when we're in love.

  3. "Random anonymous sex leaves me feeling lonelier than before."

    The only comfort I get from strangers is a conversation.

  4. Sabi nga nila iba pa rin talaga ang nabibigay ng saya kung ang katalik mo ang mahal mo kumpara sa estranghero nakilala mo lang ng biglaan..

  5. Some like adventuring

    Some like settling down

    I just like to eat and sleep lol

  6. Deep down, we always wanted to be needed.

    1. Agree pero sometimes its better to be alone coz in the end masasaktan ka din, welcome back sir! im reading your blog again nawala kasi dati eh