Friday, August 24, 2012

Thank YOU!

I am dedicating a post to thank those who greeted me on my
birthday last August 16.

With much sincerity and happiness, I thank everyone who greeted me on my birthday

I am very overwhelmed and touched when people remembered my birthday and took even a little time and effort of to greet me.

I celebrated my birthday on this restaurant

Since its my birthday, I get this one for free.  (Parang cake na din hihihi)

Thanks to the following who greeted me on my Birthday

1) Hustin
2) Shenanigans
3) imsonotconio
4) Christian
5) Mrlowercase
6) Meowfie
7) ZaiZai
8) LJ
10) Greenbreaker
11) Sweetish

Thank you din sa mga nag-greet sa twitter

3) @Wandering4ever 


  1. thanks and welcome! yummy ng food! and your birthday treat looks super cute, with candle pa. have a great year ahead!! :))

  2. uy belated happy birthday po. i hope you enjoyed your day! :D

  3. belated papa milch. - sean