Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's All In Your Head

I was chatting with a friend last week and we are planning to go to the beach next week. But he refused and said that he is sick and he also said that  he is worried that he might get terminated from his job because of  his absences. My friend is working in a call center.

After talking to him, I realized something…..

When I was working in a call center before.

I always felt sick, Maybe because of the lack of sleep. And it's really hard because the agent's shift changes most of the time.

There are times that I can't sleep at all and I had suffered insomia for 5 years. The good thing is that I have a health card which is provided by the company. At yung consulta sa mga doctor eh libre.

Ang health card ko naman eh sobrang  laspag na  at kilalang kilala na ako sa clinic namin.

My mom has a friend who is a psychiatrist and she told my mom that, I might be suffering from Hypochondria

Hypochondria definition:

Hypochondria, also called hypochondriasis, is a type of somatoform disorder, a mental illness in which a person has symptoms of a medical illness, but the symptoms cannot be fully explained by an actual physical disorder.

People with hypochondria are very worried about getting a disease or are certain they have a disease, even after medical tests show they do not. Further, these people often misinterpret minor health problems or normal body functions as symptoms of a serious disease. An example is a person who is sure that her headaches are caused by a brain tumor. The symptoms associated with hypochondria are not under the person's voluntary control, and can cause great distress and/or can interfere with a person's normal functioning.

Warning signs that a person might have hypochondria include:

    -The person has a history of going to many doctors. He or she may even "shop around" for a doctor who will agree that he or she has a serious illness.
    -The person recently experienced a loss or stressful event.
    -The person is overly concerned about a specific organ or body system, such as the heart or the digestive system.
    -The person's symptoms or area of concern might shift or change.
    -A doctor's reassurance does not calm the person's fears; they believe the doctor is wrong or made a mistake.    
     -The person's concern about illness interferes with his or her work, family, and social life.
    -The person may suffer from anxiety, nervousness, and/or depression.

I guess my mom's friend was right. I am really  suffering from  Hypochondria. So I decided to quit my job and look for another job. The reason of me, always getting sick is because I was very unhappy and stressed out at siempre gusto ko lagi magabsent,  kasi ayoko pumasok sa work. At noong time na yun akala ko may sakit ako sa puso pero sa mga tests naman ay wala.

And right now, I don't work in a call center anymore. And I don't feel sick anymore

Our mind is a  powerful tool. Our mind can make  us feel sick, our mind can make  us  feel relaxed, our  mind can even make us feel like you have a hard time breathing if you think about it a lot.

Seriously, it can. If you sit back and think about having a hard time breathing, I guarantee you'll start noticing your breaths even more.

Try it. It's the best example I can give of the power of the mind.

We are the one's whose  making  ourself feel that way. We are the one  who are making ourselves sick

I took this test 

And I passed!! I am not suffering from hypochondria anymore :)


  1. Hmm.. hindi ako hypochondriac. hihi.. Took the test. lol..

    Meron din akong ganung similar experience, pero somewhat different din. magulo ba? Kasi, like pag andun ako sa bahay namin (bahay ng parents ko), i get headaches.. Miagraines almost every night. Pero pag andito ako sa bahay ko, wala naman. Mom told me, it's all in my head. Naiisip ko kasi lagi na magkaka migraine ako pag umuwi ako ng bahay, so nagiging totoo..

    My point si mother dear. Thoughts are powerful.. minsan sa sobra nating kakaisip, nagiging totoo din. The power of positive (or negative) thinking.

    Uhm, yun lang. hehe..

  2. took the test. my Hypochondria Rating is Low.. may tanong ako, may tawag rin ba sa taong walang pakielam sa health niya?

  3. big help me natutunan aketch dito....

    kasi ako kapag nagugutom kung ano ano naiisip ko.. yung feeling ko aatakihin ako pero hinde naman tas nenerbyusin ng bonggang bongga.... pero no effect naman.... need to kain lang ang need..

    minsan kasi yung utak kung ano ano naiisip.. nakakalowkz. :))

  4. I (self) diagnosed myself with hypochondria years ago, tipong pag nanunuod ako ng tv show about sakit, naiisip ko, omg may ganyan ako! buti gumaling nako sa kabaliwang yun. nakaka stress talaga minsan sa call center, good thing you left while you were still sane! ako huli na ang lahat hehe :)

  5. minsan ganyan ako kapraning kapag may nararamdaman. doctor doctor ang hinahanap. hahaha

  6. I took the exam and guess what..

    Your Hypochondria Rating: High
    Your rating suggests that you are likely a hypochondriac. You are plagued by fears about your body's well-being, and this causes much undue anxiety. You would do well to seek professional diagnosis and treatment, so that you can overcome this psychological condition and live a much happier life.

    wahhhhh! Hypochondriac ako? or does it help na me alam ako sa medical field?

  7. true, nakakaparanoid kc pag may nararamdaman ka kahit maliit na bagay lng iniimagine natin na baka seryoso na kahit wala lang naman talaga hehe..

  8. You weren't suffering from hypochondriasis to begin with. THe lack of sleep can greatly affect different systems in your body. Your insomnia was relieved when you changed jobs, diba? A person have to satisfy a clinical criteria before, and it's not what you've listed above.

    Perceived signs, or symptoms, are basically the body's way of telling you, "Hey get some good sleep!" ..or, "Magpalit na tayo ng trabaho. this is so toxic!"

    See the beauty of our body? it has it's own way of telling us things we tend to ignore. All stressed people need to de-stress :) Take a breather from time to time.

  9. i took the test and hindi ako hypochondriac. buti na lang kasi i hate going to the doctor.

  10. wow nakakabahala naman...

  11. BFF is having anxiety attack before..always thinking he is sick of this and that..i always tell him to think the other way around..mind over matter advise feel happy all the time..enjoy life...(enjoy GOYA) ching!!

  12. ako isip ako ng isip ng mga serious illness tapos kakabahan ako na baka nga may ganun ako sakit,tapos sa gabi paputolputol sleep ko anu po kaya ito? may hypochondria kaya ako?

  13. share ko lang po ung sakin,, ako po dumadating sa time na nagiisip ako ng mga serious illness kahit wala naman ako nun scared in death din pag may nabalitaan ako na may namatay na kakilala ko natatakot ako na baka ako na ang next,di rin po ako makasleep ng maayos hypochondria po ba ito?