Monday, April 11, 2011

Talking Babies

A home video of two babies engaged in an animated conversation in a kitchen has become an Internet phenomenon.

The two-minute clip shows twin brothers Sam and Ren McEntee, aged just 17 months and barely able to stand, enjoying a lively exchange in which they laugh, raise their hands emphatically and nod their heads.
So far the footage has attracted a staggering 9.4million views on YouTube

And after many years the two babies grew up and became asian adults. Watch it here:

After the babies now dogs and cats are also talking


  1. LOL! tawa ng tawa dun sa mga babies at malalaking babies.

  2. Cute yung babies na yan!

    Baby1: "sister kmsta na?"
    Baby2: "ay nako sister, wet na ko. As in wet na diapers ko. Kaloka!"


  3. ang kulet lang nung adult babies. Hahaha. Panget ng term.

  4. ang kulet nung adult babies pero ang panget nung isa..... kala mong me papasok na langaw sa bibig niya hehehe :D

  5. ang cute nung cats!!!!!!!!!

    "WAS!!!" --- LOL

  6. ang kulit nun dambuhalang babies!LOL

  7. @buakbolero
    oo nga pati ako natatawa

    hahahaha in fairness di naman mukhang
    bading ang mga babies

    oo nga

    hehehehe nilait mo pa yung isa

    oo nga cute ng cats i like cats din

    hahaha masmakulit yung isa